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NYPD Lieutenant Zachary Slavin (retired 4/02), responded to The World Trade Center's "ground zero" and participated in the recovery of some of the WTC victims.  His report back is that despite the situation looking grim, everything humanly possible is being done.  Also, the professionalism and compassion of all present were of the highest standards.  All respects (hats off, silence) were paid as each of our loved ones were recovered and carried out.

Our prayers are with all the victims and their families and with us all.  As citizens of the world we must all work to ensure that this happens NEVER AGAIN!

Tell your family, every day for the rest of your life, that you you love them. Hug them, respect them, appreciate them, be kind and supportive, don't go to bed angry, work it out - you only get one chance.  Stay safe.

Lt. Zachary Slavin - 09.24.2001


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